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    Hey y'all! A bit about me-I'm a proud Haitian-American, actor, writer, composer and content creator dedicated to influencing positive change in my community through art, activism, and authenticity.  

   I believe the arts are a medium through which creatives and consumers can interrogate our own cultures and build aspirational models of love, liberation, and justice.  My passion for intersectional and inclusive storytelling as a medium for community building has led me to some really dope opportunities like my current work  as the Editorial Director for Broadway for Racial Justice.  I've also had the pleasure of joining various online communities through content creation- including join Tiktok's Creator Partnership Program.

    Born and raised in Kisslando, FL (the liminal space between Kissimmee and Orlando (people from Kisslando know what I mean (Its a culture thing))) I'm currently based in the southeast. When I'm not working on my craft as an actor or on being a great cat dad, I  love to invest in my wicked A.V. club skills, poetry, writing music, and throwing down spices in and out of the kitchen.

    Thank you for checking out my website! I made it myself! Be sure to tell your friends!